Contractions with Not Activities for First Grade

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As a copy editor with experience in SEO, I would like to discuss an important aspect of grammar that first graders need to learn: contractions with not. Understanding contractions is vital for young students as it helps them read and write more efficiently. In this article, we will discuss the rules and activities for teaching contractions with not to first-graders.

What is a contraction with not?

A contraction is a shortened form of words that combines two words into one word, with an apostrophe to replace a letter or letters. When we use not in a contraction, it becomes n`t, which is added to the first word. For example, cannot becomes can`t, will not becomes won`t, and should not becomes shouldn`t.

Rules for using contractions with not

The first rule of using contractions with not is to remember to use the apostrophe to replace the letter or letters. For example, does not become doesn`t, and is not becomes isn`t. Second, contractions with not are used to show a negative meaning. For example, could not means the same as couldn`t, and would not means the same as wouldn`t.

Activities for teaching contractions with not to first-graders

1. Contractions puzzle

Give the students a puzzle of words that they need to unscramble to form contractions with not. Students can work in pairs to solve them. Once they have solved the puzzle, they can use the contractions in sentences.

2. Contractions Bingo

Create Bingo cards with contractions with not on them. Each student will receive their own Bingo card, and the teacher will call out the contractions. The first student to get five contractions in a row will win Bingo.

3. Contractions memory game

Create cards with the contractions with not on one side and their expanded form on the other side. The students will use these cards to play a memory game. They will match the contraction with not to its expanded form.


Teaching contractions with not to first-graders can be challenging, but it is essential to help them read and write more efficiently. The rules for using contractions with not are relatively simple, and the activities listed above can help make it fun for the students. With practice, first-graders can master contractions and become confident in their grammar skills.

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